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Police Officer Performance Using Tactical Batons Of Various Weight

Category: Publication Publication: Elsevier | Applied Ergonomics 75 (2019) 178-183 GTD Scientific published a study to compare the effectiveness of Police expandable batons of different weight. The purpose of the study was to understand what factors are important when choosing a baton for active duty i.e. Is bigger better? Eleven active-duty NYPD Officers participated in […]

The Science Behind The Service

Category: Publication Publication: BC Soldier Magazine, Fall 2017, Edition 18 BC Soldier Magazine recently published some work speaking on GTD Scientific. The published piece talks about the goals that GTD aims to accomplish, as well as the niche market that the company is in. With some background on it’s founder – Dr. Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin […]

Your F1rst Motorcycle

Category: Publication Author: Lee Heaver Your F1rst Motorcycle is a book written by motorcycle enthusiast, Mr. Lee ‘Ridefar’ Heaver (with foreword by Geoff Desmoulin). This book prepares new motorbike riders by providing a ton of information from finding and financing your first motorcycle, to selecting the right gear, total costs, paperwork, and more. Read More