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Effectiveness of Aircraft Seat Design

Category: Publication Publication: International Journal of Forensic Engineering, Vol. 4, No. 2, 2018 GTD Scientific published a study comparing the effectiveness of various aircraft seat designs on spinal burst fractures. The purpose of the study was to understand if commercially available seat designs at the time of aircraft manufacture would have prevented a lumbar burst […]

Tactical Ballistic Shield Test in Blast Injury Mitigation Study

Category: Publication Publication: Advances in Military Technology Vol. 13, No. 2 (2018) pp. 249-264 GTD Scientific published a study to compare the effectiveness of various Police tactical ballistic shields in the blast environment. The purpose of the study was to understand how a new technology (Advanced Impulse Reduction, AIR) reduces injury in shield users during […]

Police Officer Performance Using Tactical Batons Of Various Weight

Category: Publication Publication: Elsevier | Applied Ergonomics 75 (2019) 178-183 GTD Scientific published a study to compare the effectiveness of Police expandable batons of different weight. The purpose of the study was to understand what factors are important when choosing a baton for active duty i.e. Is bigger better? Eleven active-duty NYPD Officers participated in […]

The Science Behind The Service

Category: Publication Publication: BC Soldier Magazine, Fall 2017, Edition 18 BC Soldier Magazine recently published some work speaking on GTD Scientific. The published piece talks about the goals that GTD aims to accomplish, as well as the niche market that the company is in. With some background on it’s founder – Dr. Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin […]

Your F1rst Motorcycle

Category: Publication Author: Lee Heaver Your F1rst Motorcycle is a book written by motorcycle enthusiast, Mr. Lee ‘Ridefar’ Heaver (with foreword by Geoff Desmoulin). This book prepares new motorbike riders by providing a ton of information from finding and financing your first motorcycle, to selecting the right gear, total costs, paperwork, and more. Read More

Biomechanical assessment of the connection between risk of wrist fracture and the dumbbell chest press exercise performed on an exercise ball.

Category: Publication Author: Desmoulin G.T. and Rabinoff M. Publication: Int. J. Forensic Engineering, Vol. 2, No. 4, 2015. Multiple incidents of exercise balls bursting during a dumbbell chest press have been reported. This study quantified the dynamics of the dumbbell chest press performed on such balls and the force applied throughout the exercise cycle. To […]

Non-invasive method of spinal intervention and use of devices effective for spinal intervention

Category: Publication Authors: Aslam Khan, Geoffrey T Desmoulin, Christopher J Hunter Publication: US Patent Office The present technology is the use of the combination to treat a patient and the treatment of a patient. Sine waves are generated digitally by the combination. Data validation is used to ensure correct directional alignment prior to device activation. […]

A Biomechanical Method for Reconstruction of Tumbling Trampoline Associated

Category: Publication Author: Desmoulin G.T., Rabinoff M., Stolz B., and Gilbert M. Publication: J of Forensic Biomechanics, 2014, 5(1): 101-7. Rebound devices such as trampolines are associated with catastrophic spinal cord injuries. Cadaveric studies have reported thresholds for injuries that can be applied to the case of failed acrobatics such as backward somersaults. However, it […]

Tissue Injury and Effects of Applied Vibration on the Intervertebral Disc

Category: Publication Author: Geoffrey Desmoulin Publication: University of Calgary It is thought that disc degeneration can cause spine related pain. New treatments acting at cellular levels in the intervertebral discs (IVD) may offer potential to improve long-term disc health. Hence, optimized loading that induces positive cellular changes in the disc may improve disc health delaying […]