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GTD Scientific’s The Science of Violence ®  Courses Hit their Mark with Legal and Law Enforcement Professionals

NORTH VANCOUVER, B.C. – Dr. Geoffrey T. Desmoulin (PhD., RKin., EngL.), Principal and Senior Biomechanist at GTD Scientific Inc. uses a unique skill set to investigate violent encounters. Previously, Desmoulin was the science expert on the hit TV series, Deadliest Warrior and possesses over twenty years of experience at determining how injuries were caused.

“Wounds tell us a lot about the forces behind them,” says Desmoulin. “[and] when injury biomechanics is combined with investigation techniques like photogrammetry, reconstruction and testing, we can explore different versions of events and – in most cases – prove what really happened.”

Desmoulin developed his aptly named Science of Violence® course to help law enforcement and legal professionals gain a better understanding of how they can investigate and litigate. Until the global COVID-19 pandemic ceased, the course was delivered in person.

“Like most businesses, we had to adapt,” says Desmoulin, “So, we moved the courses online and quickly found that we were able to reach a much larger audience.”

To take advantage of this opportunity, Desmoulin teamed up with Executive Producer, Tim Prokop, the creator and director of Deadliest Warrior. “One of Geoffrey’s strengths is his ability to explain scientific principles in ways that are easy to understand and are entertaining,” says Prokop. “Geoffrey’s enthusiasm is contagious, so that makes the Science of Violence® a fun and effective learning experience.”

To prevent the course from slipping into academia, Desmoulin decided to anchor it with actual cases that he and the team at GTD Scientific have investigated.  The shootings, stabbings, bruises and breaks are as real as the court hearings that followed the investigations. Increasingly, GTD Scientific is being called upon to investigate officer-involved incidents and this expertise is also reflected in the Science of Violence®.

“To me, the most important thing about this course is its authenticity,” enthuses Desmoulin.  “The cases are real, so the takeaway is also based in the real world.

The online Science of Violence® course was recently presented to the International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Association (ILEETA) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP). The police trainers and chiefs agree with Desmoulin’s assessment.

“This training provides invaluable information to take force investigations to the next level,” said conference attendee, Anthony Polse.  “It’s a must for investigators, prosecutors and police defence attorneys, especially in today’s environment.”

Brian Naillon, Vice President of the Government Training Institute (GTI) agrees. “Geoff doesn’t blind people with science – he wakes them up with it.”

In addition to the one-hour version that Desmoulin recently presented to the IACP, four- and six-hour versions of the Science of Violence® are also offered, along with more detailed classes on specific biomechanical techniques and deeper reviews of some of the most interesting cases. Desmoulin can also customize the courses for clients, such as the Arizona Homicide Investigators Association (AHIA) which requested a full two-day event for their members this coming November.

The Science of Violence® is certified for continuing education in British Columbia, Arizona and Washington, and is in the process of being certified in California and other US states.

“At GTD, we have developed unique strategies to investigate violent encounters,” explained Desmoulin. “The Science of Violence® allows us to share some of these skills and help officers document better in the field and attorneys to make better arguments and question more effectively in court. When fingers are being pointed and the truth is hard to find, biomechanical engineering can provide definitive answers.”

Interested participants may sign up for The Science of Violence® course at

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