Catching Bullets is Easier Than You Think

Category: Press Article

Publication: BCPA Paralegal Press, Winter 2023, Vol. 53, Issue 3

Author: Geoffrey T. Desmoulin

Summary: When bullets are stopped by an object, they typically incur large amounts of deformation. This is why it is necessary to slow the flight of the bullet gradually to not induce high forces on the projectile and deform it further. In the past, multiple methods have been used to recover bullets during testing including vertical water tanks, pipes filled with cotton, and wadded balls of Kevlar.

Alternatively, people sometimes use high-speed video cameras to visualize the bullet as it exits the medium. However, all of these methods have limitations due to expense, practicality, and reliability, or, in the case of high-speed video, it does not yield a sample that can be physically inspected.

GTD Scientific Inc., in collaboration with Michael HAAG, has developed a cheap, easy-to-assemble, and reliable bullet recovery device that’s made up of cardboard and Kevlar sheets.