GTD Scientific predicts human injury in any environment

In GTD Scientific, principal Geoffrey Desmoulin has found a way to combine his twin passions for the human body and mechanical engineering, creating a firm that has become an internationally renowned leader in the field of complex injury analysis.

The company provides forensic investigation services in injury biomechanics, incident reconstruction, and product safety, all geared towards determining injury causation and prevention.

“We pride ourselves on our ability to predict human injury in any environment,” Desmoulin tells

While GTD now helps personal injury lawyers, prosecutors, police forces and many other clients to bolster their cases in court, Desmoulin’s road to becoming a respected and experienced expert witness has been a long and winding one.

After starting out his working life as a firefighter and paramedic, Desmoulin was forced to rethink his future direction following a medical diagnosis that ruled him out of that career at an early age.

“They told me if I continued, I’d be dead by the time I was 50, so I switched focus,” he says.

Building on his first-responder background, Desmoulin enrolled as a student of kinesiology, completing undergraduate and master’s degrees in the field.

“I wanted to get into injury biomechanics, but I realized the people who are good in that area have some sort of mechanical engineering background,” he adds.

Desmoulin filled that hole in his resume by completing a master’s in biomechanical engineering, followed by a PhD in mechanical engineering.

And it was during his research for the PhD that Desmoulin took the call that would change his life. Tim Prokop, the showrunner of a new series named Deadliest Warrior, got in touch after struggling to cast an expert with the ability to comment on the engineering aspects, injury potential, and overall battlefield effectiveness of weapons used throughout history.

“He asked me to break down a fight between a ninja and a Spartan,” Desmoulin says. “It sounded a bit crazy, but I put together a tape for them, and they later told me they knew instantly, ‘This is our guy.’

“The stars aligned for me,” he adds.

When the pilot aired in 2007, it went down in the Spike channel’s history as the highest-rated ever.

Almost immediately, consulting requests began coming in, prompting Desmoulin to incorporate GTD.

More than a decade later, calls are still coming in thanks to reruns and referrals originating with his appearances on the show, Desmoulin says.

The firm has since expanded its forensic investigation services to incorporate injury biomechanics, incident reconstruction, and what Desmoulin calls “The Science of Violence,” which involves the application of measurements to a variety of factors at play during violent encounters.

Members of the GTD team regularly prepare reports for use in court and have been qualified as experts to testify before judges.

For example, in one recent U.S. case, GTD’s advanced incident reconstruction techniques challenged the prevailing public narrative surrounding a suspect’s shooting by a police officer.

While the incident triggered rioting in the city by outraged citizens, Desmoulin found the officer’s version of events was consistent with his reconstruction, which was created relying on techniques including statement quantification videos, static and dynamic shooting tests, as well as a number of independently verifiable facts.

“The judge accepted our methodology, and the jury was able to use our findings to help them come to their decision,” Desmoulin says.

In addition, Desmoulin runs continuing education sessions with legal professionals seeking to deepen their knowledge of the physics of human injuries, and has also been an adjunct professor with the University of British Columbia, where he taught injury biomechanics and helped with the development of a program for entrepreneurial students.


Computer Simulations and Use of Force Investigations

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Publication: Force Science Institute

“Editor’s Note: When officers lawfully respond to deadly threats, their money, reputation, and freedom still hinge on whether society believes their version of events.  Dr. Geoffrey Desmoulin, a Certified Force Science Analyst and Principal of GTD Scientific Inc., developed an impressive testing and shooting reconstruction methodology to scientifically evaluate use of force narratives.  Attendees at the Annual Force Science Conference had a front row seat as Dr. Desmoulin described how he used biomechanical models and human factors research to assist a California jury as they considered the fate of an officer accused of excessive force and wrongful death.

The following article details that incredible experience. – Von Kliem”


GTD Scientific predicts human injury in any environment

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“In GTD Scientific, principal Geoffrey Desmoulin has found a way to combine his twin passions for the human body and mechanical engineering, creating a firm that has become an internationally renowned leader in the field of complex injury analysis.”


Desmoulin to share insights on the science of violence

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Geoffrey Desmoulin, principal and senior biomechanist at Vancouver-based GTD Scientific, will discuss the science of violence at the Force Science Institute’s upcoming conference.”


GTD Scientific Inc. Gets Profiled On

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Publication: recently profiled GTD Scientific Inc. on their website. The profile covers many aspects of GTD Scientific, including how we were founded in 2009 and our many specialized services in injury biomechanics, incident reconstruction, and more.

“GTD Scientific offers research and training, including evaluating existing products, assisting clients in new product development, and continuing professional development training. Its significant international client list includes safety product companies, legal professionals, police officers, social workers, engineers, and health professionals.”

The profile also touches on GTD’s founder and principal, Geoffrey Desmoulin.

Read the full profile now!


GTD Scientific helps the Doctors Investigate: Are You a Dangerous Driver?

Senior investigative reporter Leslie Marcus hits the busy roads of Los Angeles with our very own forensic scientist Dr. Geoff Desmoulin to find out why people are a danger on the road. Watch the full video below.

The Science Behind The Service

Category: Publication

Publication: BC Soldier Magazine, Fall 2017, Edition 18

BC Soldier Magazine recently published some work speaking on GTD Scientific. The published piece talks about the goals that GTD aims to accomplish, as well as the niche market that the company is in. With some background on it’s founder – Dr. Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin – we begin to get a better understanding of the knowledge depth behind GTD. From his service to his country, to his many educational accomplishments, to even his role in the popular TV show Deadliest Warrior – it’s clear that Geoff and GTD mean serious business.

The published document also touches on a couple of recent cases where GTD’s expertise were needed. From testing “the limitations of riot gear in protecting Officers from explosive blasts” to even “acting as witnesses in cases involving car accidents, falls” and much more – there are many situations where the “Science Of Violence©” is required to fully understand the truth.


Your F1rst Motorcycle

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Your F1rst Motorcycle is a book written by motorcycle enthusiast, Mr. Lee ‘Ridefar’ Heaver (with foreword by Geoff Desmoulin). This book prepares new motorbike riders by providing a ton of information from finding and financing your first motorcycle, to selecting the right gear, total costs, paperwork, and more.

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