Initial Results Using Khan Kinetic Treatment™ as a Low Back Pain Treatment Option

Category: Publication

Authors: Geoffrey T Desmoulin, Nasif I Yasin, Darryl W Chen

Publication: Journal of Musculoskeletal Pain, Volume 15, Issue 3, Pages 91-102

Objectives: Demonstrate initial results using Khan Kinetic Treatment [KKT™] as a low back pain [LBP] treatment option.

Methods: A self-reported functional assessment, LBP questionnaire, and pain medication dose were used as the outcome measures for 48 matched subjects randomly split into two groups [treatment and control]. The treatment group underwent a treatment period consisting of several individual KKT™ treatments over a few weeks period, while the control group continued conventional treatment. A paired t-test analyzed the functional assessment scores and a two group by two LBP score [positive or non-positive] McNemar’s test was used for the LBP questionnaires. Pain medication dose analysis consisted of a two group by two pain medication dose outcome [same or reduced] McNemar’s test.

Results: Compared to a control group, the treatment group lowered both their self-recorded LBP scores [P < 0.001] and showed a strong positive trend to lower their pain medication dose [P = 0.054]. Only the range of motion assessment questionnaire [range of motion, overall activity, and recreation/work activities] detected changes in these measurements [P = 0.046, P = 0.061, P = 0.052, respectively].

Conclusions: Although we await blinded and randomized placebo controlled trials, initial results suggest thatKKT™may be an effective treatment for LBP, may increase the range of motion, and may decrease the need for pain relieving medication.

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