Non-invasive method of spinal intervention and use of devices effective for spinal intervention

Category: Publication

Authors: Aslam Khan, Geoffrey T Desmoulin, Christopher J Hunter

Publication: US Patent Office

The present technology is the use of a combination to treat a patient and the treatment of a patient. Sine waves are generated digitally by the combination. Data validation is used to ensure correct directional alignment before device activation. Patient safety and consistency in treatment protocols are considered in the spinal and upper cervical impulse treatment design. A patient is treated with a smooth sinusoidal waveform with a force of about 8 N to about 12.2 N with a Z-axis of acceleration (shear acceleration) of about 0.5 g to about 5g at about 5 Hertz (Hz) to about 200 Hertz. Treatment conditions can be varied depending on the size of the patient, which includes human and veterinary patients. The method is non-invasive.

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