The Science Behind The Service


Category: Publication

Publication: BC Soldier Magazine, Fall 2017, Edition 18

BC Soldier Magazine recently published some work speaking on GTD Scientific. The published piece talks about the goals that GTD aims to accomplish, as well as the niche market that the company is in. With some background on it’s founder – Dr. Geoffrey Thor Desmoulin – we begin to get a better understanding of the knowledge depth behind GTD. From his service to his country, to his many educational accomplishments, to even his role in the popular TV show Deadliest Warrior – it’s clear that Geoff and GTD mean serious business.

The published document also touches on a couple of recent cases where GTD’s expertise were needed. From testing “the limitations of riot gear in protecting Officers from explosive blasts” to even “acting as witnesses in cases involving car accidents, falls” and much more – there are many situations where the “Science Of Violence” is required to fully understand the truth.