Noninvasive Intervention Corrects Biomechanics and Upregulates Disk Genes for Long-Term Spinal Health

Category: Publication

Authors: GT Desmoulin, C J. Hunter, C R. Hewitt, N Bogduk, O S. Al-Ameri

Publication: Global Spine Journal, Volume 2, Issue 1_suppl, Pages s-0032-1319852-s-0032-1319852

Studies examining associations between back pain and degenerated intervertebral disks (IVDs) produced evidence implicating IVDs as a significant factor in chronic back pain. Traditionally, treatment is focused on symptoms instead of at the root of discogenic back pain, the disk itself. Further, invasive treatments range from use of strong medications to surgery, which can have poor outcomes and problematic side effects. There is now a noninvasive intervention capable of correcting spinal biomechanics and has been “tuned” to upregulate the expression of IVD genes responsible for producing matrix proteins in hopes of therapeutically addressing discogenic back pain at its root. The intervention is called KKT and is based on the application of specific vibration to the spine for ∼10 minutes per treatment, 2 to 3 per week, for about 6 weeks before re-evaluation. This abstract summarizes KKT safety and efficacy tests performed thus far.

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